DeFlicker Pack for DJI Mavic Pro & Neat Video



Remove that flicker

*Designed for use with Neat Video plugin* – buy here

Your Mavic Pro is an amazing drone, but the sensor is noisy and could use some help. Use the De-Flicker Pack along with the Neat Video plugin to clean your footage and minimize flicker. It won’t be perfect, and nothing is,  but it’s the best method I’ve found to make the Mavic Pro look cinematic.

  • designed alongside the team at Neat Video
  • reduces the pulsing noise of the Mavic’s sensor, minimizing flicker.
  • reduces the over-sharpened look of the Mavic Pro.
  • Works with the Mavic Pro D-Log Corrective LUT

Try it Risk Free

Many Mavic Pro users swear by this process, but if you don’t like it, you’ll get a friendly refund and can keep the pack as a gift.

Download the pack, apply it to your footage, and enjoy your Mavic’s new, flicker free look.

Designed For

premiere, fcpx, resolve

What Mavic Air pilots are saying

David Clark

DJi Mavic Pro Delicker testimonial


DJi Mavic Pro Delicker testimonial

DeFlicker Pack

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