LowLight Pack for DJI Mavic Pro & Neat Video


Lowlight profiles DJI Mavic Pro. Includes a free copy of the de-flicker pack.


Shoot in low light with confidence.

De-noises and de-flickers footage up to ISO 3200.

Contains the De-Flicker pack for ISO 100, plus presets for low light shooting up to ISO 3200

Presets made in collaboration with the team at Neat Video.

*Designed for use with Neat Video v4.5 and up*
 – Download Neat Video

  • Capture amazing low light scenes up to 3200 ISO
  • Includes a LUT to correct the blue shift at 1600 and 3200 ISO
  • Noise profiles for 4k and 2.7k
  • Free DeFlicker presets (ISO 100 presets to reduce flicker)

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