Mavic 2 Pro Lowlight Noise Reduction Profiles

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Reduce Mavic 2 Pro noise for Dlog-M and low light footage.



No More Noise

*Must be used with the Neat Video plugin* – buy here

The Mavic 2 Pro has a beautiful 1” sensor, but it could use some help. These profiles along with the Neat Video plugin will clean away noise all the way up to ISO 6400, giving you pristine image quality even in low-light.

  • clean away noise in Dlog-M footage
  • capture amazing low light scenes up to ISO 6400
  • presets made in collaboration with the team at Neat Video
  • contains 8 noise profiles and two presets
  • designed to work with the SkyGrades Natural and Cinema LUTs

Test It Yourself

How to use

Download the profiles, apply them to your footage, and enjoy your Mavic 2 Pro’s cinematic look.

Try it Risk Free

Many drone pilots like our noise reduction profiles, but if you don’t, you’ll get a friendly refund and can keep the profiles as a gift.

Designed For

premiere, fcpx, resolve

Noise Profiles

for Mavic 2 Pro & Neat Video

4 reviews for Mavic 2 Pro Lowlight Noise Reduction Profiles

  1. ANT1PK

    Neat video denoising is witchcraft, I love it

  2. RitZtoRubble

    I have had a lot of success using these presets with NeatVideo compared to the other methods I was using to reduce noise from my videos. This also works great even in non-low light settings to help reduce any noise in the footage. Has been a huge time saver in my workflow.

  3. Wouter

    I’m really digging the noise profile pack. It has made previously borderline unusable shots usable.

  4. Steven Anderson

    Wow… AMAZING!!!
    It used to take me hours to find the “secret sauce” when it came to removing grain in Neat Video and sometimes I just couldn’t push the DLOG-M footage to where I ultimately wanted it. This is a game-changer. Within minutes I’m 85% where I need to be and only takes a few more minutes to dial in the remaining noise/sharpening frequency amounts… so good! Thanks, SOO much!

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