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Natural LUTs for the Mavic 2 Pro.



Instant, Natural Color Grades

This Natural LUT pack includes 3 presets for rich, authentic colors. Designed for the color Dlog-M profile, apply these LUTs for a natural grade that needs no further adjustments.

  • includes 3 natural LUTs for Dlog-M
  • mathematically corrects Log gamma curve
  • achieves natural colors from the camera
  • maintains maximum dynamic range for more highlight detail
  • can be applied in 3 seconds or less
  • no additional grading needed
  • designed for Dlog-M profile
  • compatible with SkyGrades Cinema

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No Risk

I think these are the best Natural LUTs for the Mavic 2 Pro, but if you don’t, you’ll get a friendly refund and can keep the LUTs as a gift. Seriously.

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SkyGrades Natural

LUTs for Mavic 2 Pro

24 reviews for Mavic 2 Pro LUTs – SkyGrades Natural

  1. Raffi Alexander

    I was ready to take my Mavic Pro 2 back until I found the Film Poets Skygrades LUTs. It truly works great saving me a lot of work. Shooting in the Mavic 2 Pro Dlog-M is the way to go for getting the most out of the 1-inch sensor. Working with the LUTs makes it very easy especially if you do not want to spend hours in post.

    Also, I might add Matt has been very fast and professional in answering my questions. He knows his stuff.

  2. Mike L

    I thought I had some good looking footage with the Mavic 2 Pro after eye balling it in FCPX. These LUTs showed me how wrong I was. The Natural Highlights LUT is my favorite so far. I had the LUTs for the first Mavic and am glad I picked these up.

  3. Qoalafied – reddit

    It’s just amazing how much more you can bring out from the drone with these settings, luts and workflow.

  4. Roamer105 –

    Yes! Very nice LUTs especially the “natural shadows”! Great job Poets!!

  5. Oliver R.

    This LUT is superb. Must have LUTs! The best so far out there.

  6. FishBurn –

    Great job as always.
    Got the LUTs and now I’m waiting on the Cinema Series ?

  7. faithinlight

    Great dynamic range, contrast and color. What a time saver! Matt is friendly and awesome in communication. Thanks for the good work!

  8. Pablo

    LUTs work perfectly.

  9. grahamfreels – Instagram

    These gave me a much more cinematic look compared to the regular rec 709 lut I’ve been using.

  10. shamarmarcus – Instagram


  11. Hank W

    These LUTs are a great time saver. Accurate colors help me reduce the time it takes to grade my M2P footage. Always struggled with the greens and this fixed it. Also, the settings advice provided in the videos has been a great help. Appreciate the information and the great LUTs!

  12. Julian Forte

    they look awesome!!

  13. Amie Williamson

    have to say, very impressive. :-) thanks poets, great work.

  14. Randy Joseph

    They make your Dlog-M footage look incredible! Totally professional quality with just one click. No fussing with tedious color correcting which I do not have the time or patience for.

    I had tried many free LUTS and none of them looked that great, the SkyGrades NATURAL LUTS are just that. They make your footage look natural, not overly saturated. A real bargain!

  15. RitZtoRubble

    These LUTs work extremely well with the recommended Mavic Pro 2 camera settings that The Film Poets recommends in his video. It has drastically improved my video footage!

  16. Tom

    They work great!

  17. kévin B

    i used these luts for a few mounth now and i can just say that they look wonderfull, easy to set and use!

  18. Dylan

    Nice one. Really works well with the irish countryside palette of colours.

  19. Jonathan

    A quick, easy way to get my M2P footage to look great. I am still new to the art of color grading, and my skills aren’t where I’d like them to be yet, but this makes my footage look very nice.

  20. Shane S.

    Wow these really do make a difference once the style settings are dialled in.

  21. James Paris

    Just tested Skygrades Natural for real estate work on the Mavic Pro 2. UNBELIEVABLE IMPROVEMENT. Awesome LUT, worth more than what I paid. Incredible work gentlemen.

  22. Bradley Gordon

    The “natural” preset is the best I have ever used for my Mavic 2

  23. Mark Cillo

    Really impressed with the results with this LUT on Mavic 2 footage. I have spent a lot of time in Premier to get the right look grading and using layers. What a time saver, thanks!

  24. Ajit Saxena

    I’m really enjoying SkyGrades!

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