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Planning and Design : Brooke Casey

Photography : Sarah Becker

When Meghann asked us to create her wedding video at Stella Plantation in New Orleans, I didn’t know what to expect. A few months later, I found myself marching down Bourbon Street behind a great couple and a second line band. Meghann and Josh’s  group of  family and friends had come from all over just to be a part of their wedding day, and it was an wonderful experience for everyone there.

Brooke Casey did an absolutely amazing job designing this wedding. She and her team made it possible for us to create a wedding video that shows what these two are all about.

Kind Words From Meghann

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On my first day of college at Ole Miss, I met this sweet guy from Texas in my Honors 101 class, but we were always “just friends.” Over ten years later, on March 12, we got married in the beautiful city of New Orleans. Timing truly is everything and our relationship was so worth the wait.
Josh and I are honored that The Film Poets captured our wedding weekend on film so beautifully.

– Meghann 

New Orlean Wedding Video- Stella Plantation
New Orlean Wedding Video - Bourbon Street
New Orlean Wedding Video - Street
New Orlean Wedding Video- Stella Plantation Oak Trees