Casey & Davis

The Couple

If you don’t know who Casey Holmes is, you’re missing out. We started watching her work when she asked us to come to Atlanta Georgia to create her wedding video. She has about a gazillion youtube subscribers on her beauty and fashion channel. Davis is a West Point graduate and Army Ranger. They come from completely different backgrounds but complement each other perfectly.

Swan House

The Place

The Swan House is the massive historic home that used in the film, The Hunger Games. It’s part of the Atlanta History Center and has a breathtaking garden surrounding the house. Ceremonies are usually held on the front stairs, but since it rained that day, the wedding moved to the back garden, which is equally as beautiful.

Casey doing her makeup at the St. Regis in Atlanta

The Story

Being creatives, Casey and Davis were up for collaborating with us about ideas for their film. About a week before a wedding, we have a facetime meeting with our couples to get to know their story and find the best way to tell it. For this, Pacey and I kicked around ideas and decided that a direct-to-camera vlog style story would be perfect.

Since Casey & Davis are vloggers and their video would be on their youtube channel, I felt like we should keep Casey in her element so that her fans could connect with her. I also asked if she’d like to take the camera from me during the reception and film some on her own. Casey loved the idea, so we went with it. As effortless as I think the video feels, lots of thought went into it beforehand.

Casey in her dress before the wedding

"It's going to look like the gates of heaven opening up and an angel coming down the aisle" -Davis

The Wedding Team

The Response

Can’t stop watching it! We love the vibe and story line. Love that it’s fun to watch! Thanks for this amazing video!!

Casey HolmesBride
Casey with her dogs

Final Thoughts

This wedding video went crazy on both our Instagram and Facebook page, around 10 million views. The most common comment, other than how sweet Davis looks as he cries like a baby, is how well the music fits them. I’m always glad to hear that because we’ll spend hours hunting for the right songs.

We’ve done a lot of weddings in the Atlanta area, so it’s tough to choose a favorite, but this is up there. Some others are Ron and Iesha at the Georgia Railroad and Helen & Jeremy at Callanwolde – Atlanta, GA