Chelsie & Jay

The Couple

As I spoke with Jay and Chelsie for the first time, I knew their story was extraordinary. After a car accident left Chelsie paralyzed at the age of seventeen, she refused to let it crush her love of dancing, so she founded the wheelchair dance team, 'The Rollettes.' Jay builds wheelchairs for a living, and said that he 'loved her from the moment he saw her’.

The Story

Chelsie’s dream has always been to walk down the aisle. She secretly practiced with leg braces for over a year to make it happen. Jay had no idea about her big surprise, and the look on his face as she walked down the aisle to him will melt your heart.

"Walking down the aisle is something I always dreamed of." - Chelsie Hill

"I fell in love with her from the moment I saw her" - Jay

The Response

Thank you for EVERYTHING! You were incredible, it was an honor to work with you guys. You were patient, kind, understanding and so aware of everything going on. We feel so blessed to have you guys!