Brooke & Garrett

The Couple

We met these two long before they were engaged. Brooke is a wedding videographer as well and we had the opportunity to mentor her and Garrett early on. I never thought would lead to us filming their wedding, in Mexico no less.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The Place

With the entire wedding happening at the Blue Diamond Luxury Hotel,  all of the wedding guests were spoiled. It’s like your own private nook inside of Mexico complete awesome food, and beautiful beaches. 

“Garrett, you are everything I always wanted and everything I never knew I needed” -Brooke

The Story

In case you can’t tell, this was a fun one, and that was the goal. Brooke and Garret wanted everyone to enjoy themselves for the entire wedding week.

"Playa del Carmen, Mexico is the perfect location for a beautiful wedding yet wild party, and that’s what we wanted." -Brooke

Wedding Day Team

The Response

Iʼve watched it a million times. Itʼs better than I imagined!
We’re so thankful! Everyone said it’s the best video theyʼve ever seen. You were the best decision!