Vietnamese Wedding

Lisa & Michael

Lisa is Vietnamese, Michael is Puerto Rican. They met a few years ago and have been madly in love ever since. It was an honor to watch these two cultures come together and celebrate their marriage.

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Park Crest - Birmingham

The Place

This is one of the best places to have a sunset wedding in all of Birmingham. The ceremony site sits high on a hill, above the trees so that the sun is still visible when it’s low and golden in the sky.

Lisa + Michael

The Story

Being wedding filmmakers, we have the honor of witnessing all kinds of ceremonies and traditions. The Vietnamese tea ceremony is one of my favorites. Everyone gathers into a room where the families are formally introduced. The couple shows respect by serving tea while their friends and family give advice about marriage, life, and wishes them well.

I could tell that Michael was nervous right before. You get a glimpse of that as he takes a deep breath before entering the house. We love to capture that anticipation and excitement. -Matt

The Response

"It's beautiful! So perfect! We honestly can't express how amazing your work is. You guys have a true gift from God and it was an honor to have you film our wedding day. We can not wait to share this video!

P.S. Michael still thinks you should be in Hollywood."

Lisa NguyenBride